Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keke Palmer - "The One You Call " Teaser Trailer

Keke posted on her site, “Thank you all so much for supporting ‘The One You Call’ teaser video, I am reading all of the wonderful comments and am so blessed to have such great fans!! This video is very important to me because together with choreographer Nick Demoura, I was able to create my own video without anyone telling me what I could not do, I chose the clothes for my dancers and me, I cast the leading guy (a lot of you think he’s cute!), along with the help of directors Ryan Parma and Gabe Evans. I was able to live out my vision for how I wanted my fans to see me and I am so thankful it was an AMAZING experience!”
“The One You Call” official music video will premiere NEXT WEDNESDAY, October 27th! Stay tuned!

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